We love boxing now!

A very surprising result came out of the 2020 Video Game Awards and The Last of Us 2 is coming soon. On the NBA side, we have a brand new Wiggins story and debate if Trae Young is good or bad for the NBA.

What song would you play walking into the Octagon? Was the new Bad Boys movie the best yet? Plus Ben has 30 NBA predections to bet on. Come and join us! Please to enjoy. 

We of course pay our respects to The Mamba with our all time favourite moments in his legendary carreer. Zane lays out some BUCK WILD potential trades and ben closes it out with his new All Star Game Weekend plan. Including a 3 on 3 tournament. 


Please to Enjoy!

I dont know what to say man. We give our IMMEDIATE reactions to the new Star Wars movie. It's not good y'all. Hang in there.

What if the NBA had a title belt akin to Boxing? If so, who would be holding it today? What about in the past? Who held it the longest? We have done the math, put in the work, and invented the new SWEET SCIENCE to determine every Belt holder in NBA history! 

We break down some of our favourite DnD characters we've played, some of the best weird and silly spells, magic items and Zane gives some of his best advice to new and vertern DM's. Lets get Nerdy!

On this special STAR WARS EXTRAVAGANZA we rank our favourite moments, lightsaber duels and movies! We also explain the mysterious meaning behind lightsaber colours and fighting styles! All-in-all a whole lot of NERD SHIT. Come and join us. Also, The Last Jedi fucking SUCKS. Please to Enjoy!

Who would you trade Ben Simmons for? Will the Raptors make another finals just to lose to Kawhi? Are the Lakers real? Is Luca the new face of the NBA, or is Giannis? Lets talk about it.

Zane gives his review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Death Stranding & and we discuss the historical faliure of Google Stadia.  

We FINALLY talk about our true passion, Dungeons & Dragons! We've been playing for years and want to share how we got started and some of our favourite moments! Come in and enjoy you goddamn nerds.

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