On this special STAR WARS EXTRAVAGANZA we rank our favourite moments, lightsaber duels and movies! We also explain the mysterious meaning behind lightsaber colours and fighting styles! All-in-all a whole lot of NERD SHIT. Come and join us. Also, The Last Jedi fucking SUCKS. Please to Enjoy!

Who would you trade Ben Simmons for? Will the Raptors make another finals just to lose to Kawhi? Are the Lakers real? Is Luca the new face of the NBA, or is Giannis? Lets talk about it.

Zane gives his review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Death Stranding & and we discuss the historical faliure of Google Stadia.  

We FINALLY talk about our true passion, Dungeons & Dragons! We've been playing for years and want to share how we got started and some of our favourite moments! Come in and enjoy you goddamn nerds.

We break down some new NBA news and headlines. We go through our top 9 best teams of all time. Plus James Harden loves strip clubs and is STILL fat! Like a grizzley bear

September 10, 2019


We are making our bets on each NBA team's OVER/UNDER bets for the coming season! Included talking points - RJ Barrett sucks, James Harden is fat & Dwight Howard will have his Laker jersey retired. Please to Enjoy!

Ben and Zane break down some Gamestop news and give their review of the Fast and Furious movie. 

We saw Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood and we LOVED IT. We also don't care about the violence or Margot Robbie's lack of screen time. She's a masterpiece. This film is a masterpiece and we are ready to gush about it all day! We also take a test to see if we REALLY are friends! Yelling ensues. Please to Enjoy!

We rank Brad Pitt's best movies, characters and scenes. It gets HEATED! We also touch on Google Stadia and Zion's new sneaker deal. Please to Enjoy!

Zane catches Ben up on all the internet drama surrounding Gamer Girl bathwater and storming area 51! They also find time to discuss some NBA news and rank their all time FAVOURITE Canadian Actors!

Please to Enjoy! 

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